Exciting News: Twitter's Job Listings Option Set to Launch Soon

Twitter Nears Launch of New Job Listings Feature for Verified Organizations

Twitter is testing a new job listings feature exclusively for Verified Organizations. Workweek, one of the first brands to gain access, can now post job openings directly on its Twitter profile. This feature is part of the Verified for Organizations package, which costs $1,000 per month. While it is not officially listed on Twitter’s Verified Organizations page, the live testing indicates that the launch is imminent.

The development of Twitter’s job listings option began after the acquisition of job-matching start-up Laskie, which marked Elon Musk’s first acquisition since purchasing the platform. Musk envisions Twitter as an “everything app,” incorporating video elements, in-stream payments, dating profiles, and more, to rival LinkedIn.

Twitter aims to enhance its utility and become the go-to app for users. Job postings align with this strategy. Although an official launch timeline has not been announced, Twitter has already built the necessary back-end infrastructure. Businesses can redirect interested users to their website or a third-party provider for job applications.

While only Verified Organizations can access this feature, Twitter has been granting free verification checkmarks to advertisers who spend a certain threshold on ads monthly. This suggests that larger brands will likely gain access in the future.

Twitter’s job listings open up new opportunities for organizations, as Workweek highlights that it already hires staff through Twitter connections.

In summary, Twitter’s job listings feature, currently being tested with Verified Organizations, demonstrates its commitment to expanding functionality and becoming a diverse platform under Elon Musk’s vision.

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