WordPress 6.3: Better SEO with LCP Optimization

Get Ready for Better SEO: WordPress 6.3 Enhances Core Web Vitals with LCP Optimization

WordPress 6.3, set for release in August 2023, aims to improve the SEO performance of websites, specifically in terms of the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) metric. LCP measures the time it takes to render the largest image or text block on a webpage. By optimizing HTML attributes and introducing the fetch priority attribute, WordPress aims to enhance Core Web Vitals performance.

The fetch priority attribute, used for webpage elements such as images, CSS, and JavaScript, allows publishers to prioritize resources that need to be downloaded quickly to render the content within the user’s viewport. WordPress 6.3 automatically adds the fetch priority attribute with a “high” value to the image that is most likely to be the LCP image, improving LCP by 5-10%.

Additionally, WordPress implements lazy loading more efficiently in version 6.3. Lazy loading delays the loading of non-critical images and iframes below the initial viewport, prioritizing the necessary elements for the first screen. With the ability to detect critical images, WordPress ensures that the lazy load attribute is not applied to them, allowing them to download quickly.

Better Core Web Vitals SEO For WordPress

These updates may affect third-party plugins that relied on the previous lazy-loading logic. Plugin developers are advised to update their plugins accordingly. Overall, WordPress 6.3 provides better Core Web Vitals SEO, improving LCP scores and enhancing the user experience.

In summary, WordPress 6.3 introduces optimizations through HTML attributes like fetch priority and improves lazy loading implementation, resulting in better LCP SEO performance. Third-party plugin developers should be aware of the changes and update their plugins accordingly. These enhancements aim to provide a more optimal SEO experience and improve website engagement.

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