Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus in 2023 (Revised)

With the digital revolution, technology has opened new doors for marketers. What we sell may not have changed, but how we sell has changed indefinitely. The evolving study of marketing known as digital marketing has opened up new opportunities for businesses and aspiring digital marketers. If you want to learn about the skills that should be covered in a digital marketing course syllabus program, then read the complete blog.

Digital marketing involves the use of digital technology to facilitate the marketing of a product or service. It has become the most popular buzzword in the industrial world and more and more businesses are looking to strengthen their online presence.

Hence, digital marketing as a course is gaining immense popularity in today’s world and everyone is becoming curious about the tools and techniques of this unique form of marketing. As the industry evolves with digital job marketing for fresher’s, the implementation of the program in this field is filled with tremendous momentum.

Before enrolling in any training program, the content of the course is given a lot of importance, just like in the case of digital marketing.

However, before you embark on digital marketing as a student, it is recommended that you do your homework beforehand to gain clarity on the topics covered in the digital marketing course syllabus. So we came up with this blog that designs a digital marketing course syllabus.

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus  

Let’s look at the digital marketing course modules. You will learn everything from the basics to the most advanced techniques.

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an ever-growing industry, and there is so much to learn. This course has been designed to provide you will a complete introduction to the world of digital marketing. Following are some important topics covered here:

  • What exactly is Digital Marketing?
  • Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing
  • What is B2B & B2C Marketing?
  • How to Start Digital Marketing?
  • What is Traffic?
  • What are Keywords?
  • One By One Process of Digital Marketing
  • How to get Traffic?
  • How to Engage Traffic on Websites?
  • Types of Lead & Conversion
  • Benefit of Digital Marketing
  • Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

2. Analysis & Keyword Research

  • Market Research
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Types of Keywords
  • Tools Used for Keyword Research
  • Localized Keyword Research
  • Competitor Website Keyword Analysis
  • Choosing Right Keywords to the Project

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

3. Website Planning & Creation

Businesses create websites to generate leads, build credibility with consumers, and deliver marketing messages. Today, no matter how small a business is, it still has a website. Because of its growing importance, the right course will teach you how to create a website from scratch or WordPress. In this module, the topics covered are:

  • What is WWW?
  • What is Domain?
  • Difference between HTTP & HTTPS
  • What Is a Domain Name?
  • What is Domain Extension?
  • What is Hosting?
  • Different Types of Hosting
  • Types of servers
  • Introducing Cloud & CDN Concept
  • What is Web Hosting, cPanel & FTP Account?
  • Types of Domains and Extensions
  • How to Buy the Right Domain Name?
  • How to Sell a Domain Name?
  • How to Create a Blueprint for a Website?
  • Objectives of Website
  • Deciding Position of Image & Content
  • How to make your website faster than others?
  • How to Create a Website in Word Press?
    Choosing the right domain name for your website
      Choosing a hosting platform
     Installing Word Press within 5 minutes
    Choosing the right free/paid Word Press theme for your blog
    How to set up Google Webmaster tools and Google analytics?
             → Plugins you need for your Word Press blog/Website

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4. Content Marketing

This certification course will give you an overview of how to become an effective content marketer. You’ll learn the content creation framework to produce effective content on an ongoing basis,

Create and repurpose content that both people and search engines will love. In particular, you will learn how to develop, organize and implement a content marketing strategy, analyze and measure the effectiveness of content marketing, write persuasive copy, use a strategic framework when writing and build your professional brand and credibility through content marketing.

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5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To begin with, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website rank higher in a search engine.

In particular, SEO gets more organic and relevant traffic. This module of digital marketing training courses is crucial as it determines the ranking of a website.

This module covers the following topics:

  • What is SEO?
  • What is a Search Engine?
  • How Did Search Engines Work?
  • SEO Fundamentals & Concepts
  • Understanding the SERP
  • Google Processing
  • Indexing
  • Crawling
i) On Page SEO

On-page SEO is a technique used to optimize individual web pages to increase rankings and generate more relevant search engine traffic. In search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, on-page optimization refers to the factor that affects how your website and web pages rank in organic search results.

  • What is On Page SEO?
  • How to Select a Domain Name?
  • Page Naming (URL Structuring)
  • Image Naming, Image Title and ALT Tags Creation
  • What is Meta Title, Meta Description?
  • Headings Tags {H1 to H6}
  • Anchor Text, Link Title
  • Robots.txt file use and creation
  • HTML Sitemap creation
  • XML Site Map Creation
  • Tools for SEO
  • Site Tracking Tools
ii) OFF Page SEO

Off-page optimization is a technique that can be used to improve a website’s position on the search engine results page (SERPS). Many people associate off-page SEO with link building, but it’s more than just that. It is also used in promotion methods like blogs, website design, social bookmarking, etc.

  • What are Backlinks?
  • Why are Backlinks Important?
  • How to Get Backlinks?
  • What is Google PageRank?
  • How to Increase Page Rank?
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Directory Submissions
  • What is PA & DA?
  • Blog Posting
  • Classifieds posting
  • Forum Posting
  • Article Writing and submissions
  • Business Listing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • What is Page Rank?
iii) Advanced SEO Training
  • How to optimize your site for Google Hummingbird Algorithm?
  • What is Google Panda Algorithm?
  • What is Google Penguin?
  • What is Google EMD Update?
  • How to save your site from Google Panda, Penguin and EMD Update?
  • How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin and EMD?
  • Black Hat SEO (Use at your Own Risk)

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6. Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)

Apart from SEO, digital marketing will also teach you about Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This is the process of using sponsored efforts so the company’s website is at the top of the search engine results page.

You will also learn about the capabilities and use of the Google Ads platform. Additionally, SEM will help you understand Google Keyword Planner, customer lifetime value, search traffic, and cost per click.

This module covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to PPC & AdWords
  • Setting up Google AdWords Account
  • Payment Option- Which is better?
  • Create First Campaign
  • Understanding Ad group Concept
  • Learn Bidding Strategy
  • Geo Targeting
  • Extensions
  • What is Quality Score?
  • What is CTR?
  • How to Optimize Your Ads?
  • Conversion Tracking
ii) Display Ads
  • What is Display Advertising?
  • Understanding Display Setting Concept
  • Frequency Capping
  • Type of Display Network
  • Topics & Demographics Targeting
  • Placement Targeting
  • Tips & Tricks
iii) Shopping Ads
  • What are Shopping Ads?
  • Creating & Verify Google Merchant Center Account
  • Add Product in your MCA
  • Understanding all required Fields for Product Listing
  • Add your Product in feeds using Google Seats
  • Automatic Item Updates
  • Linking MCA to AdWords Account
iv) Video Ads
  • What Are Video Ads?
  • Video Ads Format
  • In-stream or video discovery ads
  • Bumper ads: 6-second video ads
  • Understanding Ad group Concept
v) Google Ads Alternatives
  • Overview of Bing & Yahoo PPC
  • Transfer Google AdWords Campaign to Bing
  • Compare AdWords & Bing PPC
  • Understanding Google Alternative
  • Explore Bid advertiser, Info links, Buy Sell Ads & More
  • Get your AdWords Certificate Now

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7. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an effective way of digital marketing that uses paid and organic marketing strategies to generate leads. These strategies are usually used on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and others.

Growing your business through social media is a great way that also helps with promotion and branding. Using social media, brands and organizations can connect with their customers, increase revenue, and help drive traffic to their website. The Digital Marketing Course Syllabus on Social Media Marketing includes:

  • What is Social Media Marketing?
  • How to market Company’s Product on social media
  • Why is social media Important?
  • 7 Wonders of social media
  • Create your Profile One by one
i) Facebook Marketing
  • History of Facebook
  • Create your Company Page, Group
  • How to manage your One-week Post in Advance
  • How to Engage your Fan on Page
  • Make your Post Viral
  • Facebook PPC (Advertisement)
  • How to get likes in bulk
ii) LinkedIn Marketing
  • Introduction about LinkedIn
  • Create your Personal & Company Profile
  • Understanding B2B and B2C Concept
  • How to use Linked Group for Marketing
  • How to Increase your Connection
  • LinkedIn Ad Creation
iii) Twitter Marketing                                                                                               
  • Introduction to Twitter
  • Create Your Profile
  • How do Businesses Using Twitter?
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Tools for Twitter Marketing
iv) Pinterest Marketing
  • What exactly is Pinterest?
  • How is it different from other social media?
  • How to promote Business on Pinterest?
  • How to increase followers on Pinterest?
  • How can it help you to promote your content?
  • Pinterest Analytics
v) Quora Marketing
  • Introduction to Quora
  • How Quora helps in Content marketing?
  • How to reply to a Quora Question?
  • Create Quora Ad

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8. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of using email to communicate commercial messages to a current or potential consumer. In this module you will learn about the types of emails and how to create an attractive email; essentially to drive a conversion or action on the part of the consumer.

The top-rated courses will teach you how to build the right subscriber list and database by segmenting based on demographics, engagement method, target audience, etc. They also provide you with email marketing tools and software to help you design engaging emails. letters. In addition to this, the right course will teach you how to automate emails and extract insights from email analytics.

Topics covered in this module:

  • What is e-marketing?
  • What is an Opt-in database?
  • What is a subscriber database?
  • Electronic marketing software
  • Online email marketing tools
  • Bulk email service provider
  • A few tricks to send mail to the mailbox
  • Create your first e-commerce company
  • Autoresponder email setup
  • Bulk Mailing Best Practices
  • What is the CAN-SPAM Act?
  • What is A/B testing?
  • What is an SMTP server?
  • Rules for sending bulk mail
  • How do you track emails you don’t subscribe to?

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9. YouTube Marketing

The YouTube Marketing Course will give you in-depth knowledge on how to increase your subscribers and rank your video content. Build your audience and your brand on YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world after Google.

In this module, you will learn how to create a successful YouTube channel, create engaging videos that people want to share, optimize your videos for more visibility, take advantage of YouTube SEO, get more video views and subscribers, monetize your channel, tools to optimize your videos , video monetization, YouTube analytics, tips and tricks, annotations, captions and cards, video SEO and more.

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10. AdSense, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

With this module you will learn how to monetize your blog or website through AdSense and affiliate marketing. You will learn how to use Google AdSense and YouTube AdSense to generate income from your website or blog. In addition to this, very few courses teach you how to write creative, SEO-friendly content.


This course will teach students how to market their business online. They will learn how to write effective content, use social media marketing, design a website, and rank a website and other important skills. You will also learn how to create advertising and develop a digital marketing strategy for your company.

If you’ve decided to study digital marketing and would like to learn all of the above skills, check out Dizi Global Solution Digital Marketing Course!

This is a comprehensive course led by industry experts and professionals who teach what they have learned in the corporate world. The course follows an advanced learning methodology that includes viewing high-quality video courses for self-study followed by weekly online sessions to solve queries and learn through engaging activities.

Additionally, students can avail 1-on-1 mentoring sessions to address additional doubts and questions. Therefore, it is the most personalized form of learning. This course also offers 100% placement guarantee.

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus in 2023

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